Workshop: Working With MIDI

About Midi

MIDI accordions are the latest and greatest thing (albeit, they’ve been around for multiple years now) in the way of combined electronic/acoustic accordions. With a MIDI accordion, you can play all your standard MIDI synthesizers (whether rack-mounted, standalone module, or having a keyboard attached) from a MIDI accordion, (rather than from a typical horizontal keyboard, for example). Of course, you can also get the original acoustic accordion sounds as well.

Richard Rea – MIDI Expert

Richard Rea from Mitchelstown in Cork is certainly one of the leading experts on MIDI in Ireland.  Richie has  life-long experience of all-things-electronic and has build and designed his own accordion MIDI systems. Richie is currently working on a new MIDI design that is close to completion.

At this workshop, Richie will explain to you in non-technical terms

  1. how MIDI works,
  2. demonstrate MIDI in action
  3. advise and help you with any problems or requirements you may have.

This is not a workshop to miss!

The Workshop is FREE! Places ARE Limited and on a First Come- First Served Basis!

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Saturday, 13 August, 2016
12:30pm - 1:00pm
St. Kieran's College - Room 10
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