How the Big Squeeze came into being (when Noel met Gay Byrne)

The Big Squeeze Gay Byrne RTE Lyric FM 2

The Big Squeeze is the brainchild of Noel Cleere and the Acorn Accordion club. Way back at the beginning of the year, Noel wrote to Gay Byrne on Lyric FM, just lamenting the way the accordion never gets a mention and what a fantastic instrument it was. Before he knew it Noel was on RTE Lyric FM talking to Gay about the instrument and, it’s history and how it would be fantastic to run an event that was focused completely on the little instrument.

Gay thought this was a fabulous idea and called out over the airwaves if anyone else was interested, the usual banter. Noel thought no more about it when suddenly he started getting emails, texts and calls from all over the country. Other accordionists also thought this was a super idea and wanted to come on board. A whole community sprang to life.

Noel and his team at the Acorn accordion club set to work and started pulling together all the pieces to make it happen. It has taken months of work and communications but we now have players coming from Scotland, Northern Ireland and all across the island of Ireland for the first ever inaugural event – The Big Squeeze.

On the journey, The Big Squeeze has won the best named festival, attracted world famous accordion players and garnered lots of press attention. And it all started in a little conversation with a man named Gay!

The Big Squeeze Gay Byrne RTE Lyric FM 2

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